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Dyno Tuning

Dyno Tuning gives you more horse power, better fuel economy, better performance and handling.

    Dyno Tuning is not new to the motor vehicle industry it has been around for a long time. Dyno tuning has become more important with the introduction of EFI. A dyno is a very expensive tool used to tune motorized vehicles including motorcycles. Dyno's consist of a large drum being turned by the vehicles wheels. Electronic equipment is attached to the drum to read horse power and torque, at the same time the vehicle is attached to a separate computer that is reading information as well as the exhaust to give information to the person tuning the vehicle. Once the tuner has this information they can make the right adjustments to the onboard computer, or a piggy-back tuner to deliver the proper amount of fuel to the engine.

   Dyno tuning is not just for motorcycles with electronic fuel injection. Dyno tuning is for every motorcycle that the rider wants to perform like new, or better than new when installing performances parts.

    Carburetor equipped motorcycles use the air being sucked into the engine to draw in fuel, as long as the jets are set for that motorcycle by engine displacement, vehicle weight, tire size, ignition, air cleaner, and exhaust your fairly close to a good tune. Once you modify any part of the equation you need to have your motorcycle tuned.

    Electronic Fuel Injection motorcycles use an onboard computer to control injectors for the proper amount of fuel. The computer gets its information from sensors on the engine. These sensors give resistance or voltage readings to the computer. They work just fine but as the bike gets older they start sending different values to the computer, the sensors aren't bad enough to show a trouble code but enough to make your bike receive more or less fuel. As the EFI engine wears, it sucks less air but the computer keeps injecting the same amount of fuel. Your MAP and other sensors will help adjust this problem a little but your motorcycle still needs to be tuned.

    A computer can be flashed by the dealer but any other adjustments must be made with a tuner. You have a few choices on tuners. Tuners can be made by the manufacturer of your motorcycle or by after market manufacturers. You can buy tuners you tune yourself which give you three adjustments. You have an EFI motorcycle and are adjusting it like a carburetor equipped motorcycle? An EFI motorcycle has hundreds of adjustments and quite a few have adjustments for all cylinders as well as some tuners that you can also fine tune your timing.

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