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Thunder Road is a full service repair center. We are here for all of your motorcycle repair needs.  We try and keep as many riders on the road in a riding season as possible.  To do this we like to do all major repairs, powertrain modifications, and customizing work in the long winters and do maintenance and minor repairs during the riding season.  We have found this helps keep the most motorcycle riders on the road to enjoy the summer.


Service  work     $165.00 Hr. plus parts.

Repair and tire replacement costs are subject to change due to unforeseen problems (i.e. broken parts, striped bolts, physical or mechanical damage, time to trouble shoot problems).

Tire replacement is done on the latest tire machine with computerized balancing.

The tires over 6 in. wide are dynamic balanced, while under 6 in. are static  balanced.

Older motorcycles will be charged by time and material only.


Thunder Road is a great place to have your motorcycle repaired!

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Thunder Road Repairs All Kinds Of American V-Twin Motorcycles (No Metric Bikes)

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